The Hutchesson Environmental Medallion

Each year, MP for Waite, Catherine Hutchesson, awards year 6 students, who’ve displayed outstanding care and consideration for the environment, the Environmental Warrior Award.

Catherine wanted to create a medallion that was made from a recycled resource and reached out to Recycled Plastic Panels to project lead their development. RPP sourced the specific plastic needed from the local community and cafe project members. To make the medallions, we collaborated with CNC Operator, Julian James of Melrose Park, who has been using the panels for his various DIY projects. Julian took the design and programmed the computer to cut the 40 components needed to construct the 10 medallions. RPP also enlisted Sudhashree Somers who runs the sewing club at Pasadena Community Centre who supplied the lanyards made from donated second-hand material.

Each medallion is made using old decking, soft drink and milk lids, a pedestal fan blade, cassette tape screws and second-hand fabric. They were all items destined for landfill but have now been upcycled.

Each time we send something to landfill we lose that resource, we lose all the energy and materials that went into making it and we pollute the environment. While plastic is public enemy number 1, it can also be recycled and kept out of landfill. These medallions show how we can reverse the linear ‘take, make, waste’ economy and, with some consideration and good design, change to a circular economy.

A diagram of what has gone into making the medallion.
Catherine poses with year 6 student who holds a wooden trophy shield and wears the medallion around his neck.

“The recipients of these awards are leaders for their generation and will face many challenges to protect and restore the environment. I hope these medallions will remind and inspire them about what can be achieved when good people with the passion for sustainability, work to protect the environment.” 

- Ms Catherine Hutchesson

If you are interested in experimenting with the specialty panels and closing the loop on plastic waste, get in contact.