Sorting Party

For all ages and abilities, a sorting party brings the community together.

The next sorting party is at 5:30pm on May 28th at the Pasadena Community Centre? Register. (Facebook Event) and then on May 30th at the Port Environment Centre. Register (Facebook Event)

Any recycling endeavour will inevitably have to solve the contamination problem.

That's why there are massive warehouses with million dollar machines inside to tackle the problem with all your kerbside recycling. We, however, work with community groups, bringing people together to connect and learn more about recycling... and enjoy a free meal!

6.2.2024 - Pasadena Community Centre

This was our inaugural sorting party and I was just stoked to see everyone there. Being the first one there were some initial teething problems but everyone was patient and worked together to come up with solutions. We sorted the whole tub and washed another two tubs... ready for the next one! Thank you to Pasadena & St Mary's Action Group (PASMAG) for hosting the event and engaging the community to support it. Thank you to Dominoes Pasadena for sponsoring the night with pizzas and the Awesome Foundation Adelaide for granting us $1,000 last year so we can hold many of these events in 2024.

The amazing bunch of locals who helped.

The irrepressible washing team in action.

There were a lot of lids to sort... but we did it!