What We Recycle

If there's already a recycle path for it then use that. We want to collect what's destined for landfill... and we hope it gets harder and harder to find.

The List


These products often come with stickers and labels all over them. Currently, my removal method requires a heat gun but if you know of a better solution please contact me. Please remove paper inserts and put them in your recycle bin before donating.

CDs (case and disc)

DVDs (case and disc)

VHS (case and cassette)

Tapes (case and cassette)

Lids need to be clean but not pristine. This helps reduce smell and an unpleasant sorting party 🤢 We suggest a little rinse before popping them into the collection container rather than wasting energy cleaning them in a dishwasher.

Milk Bottle Lids
(any type or colour)

Long Life Milk Carton Lids
(only lid, not base)

Soft Drink Lids
(any type or colour)

Other 10c Container Lids

Yoghurt Pouch Lids
(not the pouch)

Takeaway Coffee Lids
(must have #6 resin code)

Takeaway Softdrink Lids
(must have #5 or #6 resin code)

Soy Sauce Fish Container
(how to clean them)

We're not collecting soft plastic but there are some soft plastics that we'd like to experiment with some more. We just want the plastic so labels, stickers, rubber bands, metal clips, etc will need to be removed if possible, please.

Postage Satchels

Non-food Product Packaging (usually clear)

Fruit & Veg String Bags
(don't cut labels off 🙃)